Speedy Foods LLC continually strives to reduce our carbon footprint while reducing safe, healthy food products that meet all government regulations. As part of this process, a few points to consider are:

  • We have asked for and received multiple audits of our energy usage. The results have been extensive with the use of UtiliGuard and KVAR Capacitors. We have installed LED lighting throughout our facility and use timers to automatically turn off lights when they are not needed. Our Boiler system has been updated to a high efficiency multi-stage burner with a day/night switch, to enhance its energy effectiveness.
  • Our packaging suppliers are locally based and have extensive recycling programs in place. There are exceptions in using recycled products that come into direct contact with our food products. We continue to evaluate environmental impact with regard to our packaging options. We maximize the number of product portions on each layer of our film.
  • We currently recycle our incoming ingredient containers, where applicable. Plastic drums and bucket containers are made available for re-use by outside parties. As an aside, we also have extensive recycling programs in place for our office supplies.
  • We currently have a Speedy Foods LLC officer serving on the local water board. He is able to have first hand insight into ways we can use water more efficiently and be aware much faster if we are experiencing a wasteful situation.
  • Our uniform and facility service provider is also a local company with a commitment to environmentally sound practices. From water conservation to reducing pollutants, their standards are very high.
  • Speedy Foods LLC continually monitors shipping destinations and combines orders to the same geographical area to help reduce fuel consumption, as well as other environmental impacts of transportation.


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